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How to Watch Marmaduke on Netflix?

    Marmaduke (2010)

    😎 Director: Tom Dey | 🎯 Comedy, Family | 🥇 IMDB Rating: 4.3/10

    Marmaduke is available on Netflix in Ireland. If you are not from Ireland, you will not find the movie on Netflix. So you need to unblock Netflix Ireland in your country.

    Thus you can watch thousands of additional movies and shows by changing your Netflix country. Don’t miss out!

    Is Marmaduke Available on Netflix?

    Yes, Marmaduke is available on Netflix but in the below countries only.

    • Ireland
    • United Kingdom
    • Spain
    • South Africa
    • Portugal
    • Australia
    • Italy
    • New Zealand

    Marmaduke Synopsis

    When Phil and Debbie Winslow relocate from their native Kansas to the sunny climes of Orange County, their big-hearted, havoc-wreaking Great Dane gets a taste of the dog’s life, California-style.

    Marmaduke Cast

    Check below the list of Marmaduke Cast

    • Owen Wilson
    • Judy Greer
    • Lee Pace
    • Emma Stone

    Watch Marmaduke Trailer

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