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How to Watch Kindergarten Cop on Netflix?

    Kindergarten Cop (1990)

    😎 Director: Ivan Reitman | 🎯 Comedy, Crime, Action | 🥇 IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

    Kindergarten Cop is available on Netflix in Spain. If you are not from Spain, you will not find the movie on Netflix. So you need to unblock Netflix Spain in your country.

    Thus you can watch thousands of additional movies and shows by changing your Netflix country. Don’t miss out!

    Is Kindergarten Cop Available on Netflix?

    Yes, Kindergarten Cop is available on Netflix but in the below countries only.

    • Spain

    Kindergarten Cop Synopsis

    Hard-edged cop John Kimble gets more than he bargained for when he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to get the goods on a brutal drug lord while at the same time protecting the man’s young son.

    Pitted against a class of boisterous moppets whose antics try his patience and test his mettle, Kimble may have met his match … in more ways than one.

    Kindergarten Cop Cast

    Check below the list of Kindergarten Cop Cast

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Penelope Ann Miller
    • Pamela Reed
    • Linda Hunt

    Watch Kindergarten Cop Trailer

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