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Blog How to Watch Dirty Grandpa on Netflix?

How to Watch Dirty Grandpa on Netflix?

    Dirty Grandpa (2016)

    😎 Director: Dan Mazer | 🎯 Comedy | 🥇 IMDB Rating: 5.9/0

    Dirty Grandpa is available on Netflix in the USA. If you are not from the USA, you will not find the movie on Netflix. So you need to unblock Netflix USA in your country.

    Thus you can watch thousands of additional movies and shows by changing your Netflix country. Don’t miss out!

    Is Dirty Grandpa Available on Netflix?

    Yes, Dirty Grandpa is available on Netflix but in the below countries only.

    • USA
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Switzerland
    • Germany
    • Thailand
    • Austria
    • Taiwan
    • Belgium
    • Italy

    Dirty Grandpa Synopsis

    Jason Kelly is one week away from marrying his boss’s uber-controlling daughter, putting him on the fast track to a partnership at the law firm.

    However, when the straight-laced Jason is tricked into driving his foul-mouthed grandfather, Dick, to Daytona for spring break, his pending nuptials are suddenly in jeopardy.

    Between riotous frat parties, bar fights, and an epic night of karaoke, Dick is on a quest to live his life to the fullest and bring Jason along for the ride.

    Dirty Grandpa Cast

    Check below the list of Dirty Grandpa Cast

    • Robert De Niro
    • Zac Efron
    • Zoey Deutch
    • Aubrey Plaza

    Watch Dirty Grandpa Trailer

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