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Blog How to Watch Astro Kid on Netflix?

How to Watch Astro Kid on Netflix?

    Astro Kid (2019)

    😎 Director: Eric Tosti | 🎯 Animation, Comedy, Adventure | 🥇 IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

    Astro Kid (French: Terra Willy, planète inconnue) is a 2019 French computer-animated science fiction film directed and written by Éric Tosti with the participation of the co-writers David Alaux and Jean-François Tosti. The film stars the voices of Thomas Soliveres, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Mélanie Bernier, and François Damiens.

    Astro Kid is available on Netflix in France. If you are not from France, you will not find the movie on Netflix. So you need to unblock Netflix France in your country.

    Thus you can watch thousands of additional movies and shows by changing your Netflix country. Don’t miss out!

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    Is Astro Kid Available on Netflix?

    Yes, Astro Kid is available to stream on Netflix in certain countries. Aside from France, the movie is available also in the following countries.

    • France

    Why is Astro Kid not available in my region on Netflix?

    The streaming rights for Astro Kid may not have been acquired by Netflix in your region. Netflix licenses streaming rights for movies and TV shows on a country-by-country basis. This means that the availability of a particular title can vary depending on where you are located.

    There are a few reasons why a title might not be available in your region. It could be that the streaming rights have not been acquired for your region, or that the title is not popular enough in your region to warrant the licensing costs. It is also possible that the title is not available in your region due to censorship or other legal restrictions.

    What is Astro Kid based on?

    “Astro Kid,” also known as “Terra Willy: Planète inconnue,” is an original animated film and not directly based on any pre-existing source material like a book, comic, or previous film.

    It was created as a standalone story by the filmmakers and production team.

    The film follows the adventures of a young boy named Willy who becomes stranded on an unknown planet after his spaceship crash-lands.

    The story focuses on his efforts to survive, repair his ship, and find a way back home while encountering various alien creatures and forming new friendships.

    While “Astro Kid” is an original creation, it draws inspiration from classic science fiction and adventure themes, as well as the tropes of space exploration and survival.

    The film combines these elements to create a unique and entertaining story for its target audience of children and families.

    Astro Kid release date

    “Astro Kid,” also known as “Terra Willy: Planète inconnue,” was released in France on April 3, 2019. The film’s release dates in other countries might vary, but that is the original release date for the movie. Keep in mind that release dates can sometimes differ between countries and regions, so it’s recommended to check local sources for the specific release date in your area.

    Watch Astro Kid Trailer

    “Astro Kid” (or “Terra Willy: Planète inconnue”) on various video-sharing platforms like YouTube. Just search for “Astro Kid trailer” or “Terra Willy: Planète inconnue trailer” to find and watch the official trailer for the movie.

    Astro Kid Cast

    The English-language version of “Astro Kid” features the following cast members voicing the characters:

    1. Landry Bender as Willy: The young protagonist who becomes stranded on an unknown planet.
    2. Jason Anthony as Flash: A helpful alien creature Willy encounters on the planet.
    3. Gregory Max as Buck: Another alien creature who assists Willy on his journey.
    4. Ness Krell as Flash Junior: Flash’s offspring.
    5. Jackie van Beek as Will’s Mom
    6. Callan Mulvey as Will’s Dad

    Please note that voice cast members can vary depending on the language version and region, so the names mentioned above are specific to the English-language version of the film. If you’re interested in the cast for a different language version, I recommend looking up the specific cast for that version.

    What is the duration of Astro Kid?

    Astro Kid has a running time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is equivalent to 90 minutes.

    What is Astro Kid on IMDB?

    Astro Kid has an IMDb score of 6.6 out of 10, based on 3,388 user ratings.


    Is Astro Kid a remake of the 1963 anime series?

    No, Astro Kid is not a remake of the 1963 anime series. However, it does take inspiration from the series, such as the character of a young boy who is rejected by his creator and forced to find his own way in the world.

    What is the age rating for Astro Kid?

    Astro Kid is rated PG for some action and rude humor. This means that it is suitable for children aged 6 and above, but parental guidance is advised for younger children.

    Is there a sequel to Astro Kid?

    There is no official sequel to Astro Kid yet. However, the film’s director, Éric Tosti, has said that he is open to the idea of making a sequel if there is enough demand.

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